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At the heart of it all, I’m an adventurer – a wanderer, an explorer, a dreamer. It all comes down to discovery – be it gazing up at the night sky emblazoned with light emitting from billions of galaxies, or observing the plethora of emotions shared between two people destined to spend an eternity together, bound by ever-lasting love. Getting to witness all of life’s precious moments through my lens – from the spectacular, to the ordinary, is truly what I was born to do. I’ve spent my life so far taking in all of the things that make this world beautiful, and I have to say I’m truly privileged to have turned this passion into a career.

By day, I’m a wedding photographer – there’s just something about love that I can’t get enough of, and I treasure the many new friends I have made along each very personal journey I am so lucky to be a part of. Hired to capture what is possibly the most momentous day of your life, I will seamlessly fit into your plans. I’ve gained a reputation for taking timeless photographs – I specialise in seeking out those special candid moments, preserving them for an eternity for you and future generations to look back on. Of course, every wedding has its posed shots – but I like to think my approach is a bit more genuine – I strive to capture the warmth, tenderness, adoration and raw emotion as it unfolds in front of me, rather than constructing it through a series of rigid poses. Nothing beats real, authentic love and affection. I’d be honoured to photograph your wedding – please enquire above.

By night, I take off on a different journey, heading for the depths of the stunning mountain wilderness that New Zealand is known for all around the world. Framed by stunning mountainous landscapes, I point my lens to the distance. When you’re away from the city, and away from all that encompasses urban life, you see things in a very different light – literally. You see stars like never before – whole galaxies gleaming in the distance, and suddenly you experience a combination of feeling both very insignificant, and incredibly lucky to be standing, frozen in time, staring into the distance and admiring a view that has taken aeons to conspire. Astrophotography has been a lifelong passion for me. The stars evoke a sense of freedom for me, and over the years, I’ve spent countless nights camped beneath the night sky, returning home with once-in-a-lifetime views that will be forever treasured as they adorn the walls of homes throughout the world.

Whatever your occasion – be it the beauty of pregnancy, the pure excitement of a newborn child, the love shared by family, or your big day, I’d be honoured to capture your special moments. Please get in touch – I’d be happy to talk through your options.